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Product Focused Offshore Development

With profound experience in leading successful offshore projects & multinational teams, we are the business partner you have always been looking for

What we do

We are more than just selling developers. Our goal is that you can focus on selling your products while we take care of building the product and features. You can either order a full team with a german speaking project manager or individual developers to be integrated into your teams. In both cases we make sure to find the right people and that the team runs smooth after onboarding.

Using our smart recruitment criteria we make sure that we find exactly the people that match your needs. Vietnam is a fast emerging country with a lot of highly skilled technicians, still not fully discovered by huge software development companies. In case you do want to benefit of good prices for technicians but do not have an english speaking person then we recommend to go with a german speaking project manager. 


Offshore Development

Offshore Development

We take full responsibility to find the right talents for you.

Our developers need to have good English-speaking skills, a broad technical knowledge, deep understanding of software architecture and clean coding rules.

Furthermore, we look for an open mindset to fully understand the customer domain and business requirements. Beside that we check for analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

With 30 years of IT consulting experience in all IT areas, we will give you recommendations, that will help your company move to the next level.

Our assessment will investigate the areas of coding guidelines and rules, software and system architecture, build automation, domain separation, database usage, system, software, infrastructure and physical security, monitoring, failover and redundancy, network layers, ddos protection, vulnerabilities, test and test automation, development processes.

The result is a company report, that covers the above-mentioned areas in levels between 1-10. It will give you a profound insight of the status of your company.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We reduce the risk of failures for go live by 90%.

Our focus is on test automation to avoid manual, boring and repetitive test executions for every release. Considering the test pyramid, we automate on the right level and only have a few manual end 2 end tests in place.

The development team is forced to use a test-driven approach by closely monitoring every single test on different levels and bringing them all together in a final test report before a release. Bringing tests in early in the development process improves your velocity and reduces your risk for go live.


IT Operation & Security

IT Operation & Security

We are experts in operating your systems on different platforms. Our expertise ranges from on premise solutions over cloud-based systems to huge Kubernetes clusters.

Helping you to setup and maintain a high available, redundant, and secure systems is very familiar to us. Beside that we support you in setting up monitoring, ddos protection and scaling metrics.

Security is very important for us. To avoid any risk, we also offer vulnerability scans and penetration reports as well as several audits that are performed by our partners.

How we work

We offer two different working modes

1. Project-based development

With our local Project Manager, there is no language barriers between you and the team.

Our project-based working mode is best if you want to fully outsource the product development. It consists of a German speaking project/product manager close to you and a full Scrum team in Vietnam. The project manager will be in close contact with you and the team and will act as product owner to the team. You will have the benefit of communicating all your requirements in German. The project/product manager ensures a deep knowledge of your requirements and takes responsibility to deliver in predefined time periods, called sprints.

2. Team-based development

Build your extended talented team

The team-based mode works best if you want to fully integrate our developers into your existing teams, have full control over any requirement, and directly interact with every single developer. In this mode it is also possible to start small with one developer and scale up when your workload increases. The developers will follow all your companies processes and guidelines.

These are your benefits

German-speaking agile project management

that builds the bridge between fixed time, scope, predefined budget and agile methods

50% Cost reduction

in comparison to Western Europe

Technical Specialists

by using strong hiring criteria to find the best developers in Vietnam

Successful Offshore projects

by executing Offshore projects in a reliable way


Compliance, security and maintainability

Technical Expertise

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