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Providing fast delivering
off-shore teams
for your business success

With more than 20 years of experience we know all the pitfalls when starting to work with offshore and nearshore teams. We can bring the right people in and support you build up the right teams. Our goal is to surprise you how good people from different countries can work together.

Our Services

We support you in building an IT strategy, scaling up your development teams, automate testing and operating and maintaining your IT infrastructure


We help you to introduce an IT strategy for your company. It will cover faster development cycles, higher quality, increased  security, reduced auditing costs, better maintainability and reduced bugs, by introducing best practices from other companies and open source frameworks. Our goal is to understand your business needs and make you more successful.

Quality assurance

Our testing teams will help you to write acceptance criteria’s for user stories and build up a test catalog that can be used for regression testing later. During the Sprint they will verify the quality of the team and give fast feedback in order to minimize the delay between implementation and bugfixing. They will do a regression test for a release to detect side effects and provide a protocol that will be the basis for the go live decision. Depending on the customers need they can also execute user acceptance tests, usability tests, exploratory tests, functional tests, user story tests, load-, security- and failover tests. Our goal is to automate as much as possible in order to have short testing cycles and go live regularly.


Our teams know how to write clean code in order to keep the cost of changes low. The goal is to bring in quality from the beginning on by using test driven development methodologies. Understanding your business is crucial in order to implement the user stories right from the beginning. We know how to build future prone architectures and are familiar with different kind of databases, api design, message queues, frontend technologies, security, cloud, kubernetes and docker. The teams will not only implement your applications but also take care of documentation, deployment and maintaining the system.

IT Operations & Security

We support you to build up a continous integration pipeline, structure, build and hand over development packages to staging and production machines. We will make sure your infrastructure is scalable and grows with your business needs by using our knowledge about docker, kubernetes, AWS and Google cloud services.

Why Us

Our qualities


We bring high potentials and well educated senior people together to speed up your delivery. We take care of your business goals and help to reduce the technical depth within your architecture.


In our global world we can work from anywhere at anytime. So why pay high prices locally. You can reduce costs and get higher quality and faster throughput.



Culture is an important fact when working together with people from other countries. People should understand your business. We hire people that have an entrepreneur mindset to support your growth.


We can scale your business by bringing in more development capacity. We take care of finding the right people to grow your business without the need to pay headhunters.


Technologies we use

How we work

  • We are passionate entrepreneurs, hungry for success and want to win
  • We value teamwork over individuality
  • We built a people-centric workplace and believe only the happy bring you a long-term success
  • We keep our ego in check, operate with honesty and put your business goals ahead of our own.

About Us

Who we are

Rene Felder

Rene Felder

Founder & CSO

30 year of IT experience in total, whereas 10 years as Software Developer, 10 years as Software Architect / leading Development Departments and 10 years of leading IT departments / managing director.

Expert on setting up and rolling out an IT strategy including development, quality assurance, security, it-operations, software and system architecture. Hands on mentality and agile mindset with 15+ years of experience.

Khang Vu

Khang Vu

Founder & CEO

7 years’ professional experience in the software industry. My focuses include Software Design, Software Development Principles, Agile Methodologies, Extreme Programming Practices specifically in Java and its related technologies. I have a special interest in continuous delivery of good quality software and practices ( CI/CD, pyramid testing strategy, BDD, TDD, CleanCode, … ) alongside with enterprise solutions in Java (Java, Spring, Spring boot…). Experienced in working in international and multicultural environments (Switzerland, Germany and Japan). A conscientious and hardworking team player seeking to leverage my skills in the software industry.

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