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How we work

We offer two different working modes:

1) Project-based
Our project-based working mode is best if you want to fully outsource the product development. It consists of a German speaking project/product manager close to you and a full Scrum team in Vietnam. The project manager will be in close contact with you and the team and will act as product owner to the team. You will have the benefit of communicating all your requirements in German. The project/product manager ensures a deep knowledge of your requirements and takes responsibility to deliver in predefined time periods, called sprints.
2) Team-based
The team-based mode works best if you want to fully integrate our developers into your existing teams, have full control over any requirement, and directly interact with every single developer. In this mode it is also possible to start small with one developer and scale up when your workload increases. The developers will follow all your companies processes and guidelines.

Project-based development

With our local Project Manager, there is no language barriers between you and the team.

Team-based development

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